Educational Qualification:

B.A.: (Hons) Economics: McCaster University, Ontario,Canada;

Diploma: Commerce, McCaster University, Ontario,Canada;

LL.B.: (Hons), Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom;

LL.M.: International Banking & Finance, University of Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.


Sindh Bar Council;

Karachi Bar Association;

Sindh High Court Bar Association;

Corporate & Banking Lawyers Association.


Syed Danish Ghazi’s accolades include a bachelors Degree in Economics with a distinction. Following his Diploma in Commerce from the McCaster University, in 2005, he was met with an immediate offer from the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) to serve as their analyst.

In pursuance of being a skilled orator, Mr.Ghazi acquired a Degree in Law from the Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

Upon the completion of his LL.B., Mr. Ghazi sought to merge his competence in Banking and Finance with Law and thereby obtained his Masters in Law from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Following a 2 year practice in the legal field, Mr.Ghazi was proposed a partnership, owing to his commendable performance.

Mr.Ghazi ‘s  unparalleled service constitutes solutions to corporate and Banking & Finance matters, with the provision of internationally acclaimed consultancy. Mr.Ghazi’s litigation also entails Family Practice, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Litigation & Banking Law.

Furthermore, Mr.Ghazi is an accomplished international level debater, whose faculty has inspired venues such as the Oxford Union & the  Cambridge Union. He has therefore, developed a concentration in Litigation with a specific interest in Banking Law.

Mr. Ghazi is also heading Ghazi & Magsi’s Banking & Intellectual Property Departments.

Contact Information: