Best Criminal Lawyer in Karachi, Pakistan

In times of a crisis when you or a dear one has been arrested or under investigation, you can call , Barrister Gazain Z Magsi best criminal lawyer in Karachi and count on our Lawyers to instantly take the lead. You can bank on our expertise to fully guard your rights whose availability is assured, 24/7.

The lawyers at Ghazi & Magsi can provide experienced representation for all white collar criminal charges, from felonies, misdemeanors or fraud; you can rely on us to put you in the top position to discharge or reduce the charges.Ghazi & Magsi is certain to deliver services, from the point of your free, preliminary consultation to the closing of your case with utmost commitment, accountability and enthusiasm. We do not neglect any opportunity to see that the case has been concluded in your best, possible benefit.
We value the importance the situation holds for you and, therefore, once you seek our services, you will hold our Lawyer’s personal contact details where you can find them available at any part of the day in case of any queries or in search of peace of mind.


The areas of Criminal services we have been effectively providing our clients with over the years include:


  • Criminal Trials
  • Criminal Revisions before Appellate, High Court, Supreme Court.
  • Bail Appeals
  • Bail Before Arrest
  • Criminals Private Complaints
  • Interim custody of case property/suppurdginama
  • Banking Crimes
  • Criminal offenses in Banks before Banking offenses Courts.


If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in Karachi or all over Pakistan . Ghazi & Magsi is the Best and trusted Name for you. providing best legal services to our valued clients since 1971 in different areas of Practice .